25 Incredible Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do


The iPhone is the most popular type of cell phone in the world. Despite the fact that millions own an iPhone, many are unaware of some of the most amazing features hidden away in this little device. Even though we use our iPhones all day every day, there are still a handful of features that are relatively unknown.

Here’s a list of simple shortcuts to streamline your day and help you get the most out of your iPhone. While you might know about a handful of these, several should surprise you.

#1 Send Audio and Video Messages that Self-destruct:

You can send audio snippets and video messages that expire after two minutes. If you head to Settings > Messages and scroll to the bottom, you’ll notice a section for audio and video messages. You can choose to let them expire after two minutes or never.

Send Audio and Video messages that self destruct

#2 You can set your phone to perform certain actions when triple clicking the home button:

Within the accessibility settings, there’s an option at the very bottom of the page called “Accessibility Shortcut.” From there, you can program your home button to activate zoom, assisted touch, voice over controls, and other features with a triple click.

Triple Click-iphone featute

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