7 Tips to Improve iPhone Security


When we talk about iPhone security, we’re not talking about quite the same thing as security on a desktop or laptop computer. Sure, everyone wants to keep their data safe from people who they don’t want to have access to it, but traditional computer security concerns like anti-virus software aren’t really issues for iPhone and iPod touch owners.

Perhaps the most pressing concern when it comes to iPhone security isn’t electronic, but physical: theft.

Apple’s devices are attractive targets for thieves and are often stolen; so much so that as much as 18% of grand larcenies in New York City involve iPhone theft.

But just because theft is a major concern doesn’t mean it’s the only aspect of iPhone security you should care about. What follows are some tips that every iPhone and iPod touch user should follow:

1. Prevent Theft

With theft being the biggest security threat to iPhone users, you need to take steps to keep your iPhone safe and make sure it stays yours. Check out these anti-theft tipsfor ideas on how to stay safe.

2. Set a Passcode

If your iPhone is stolen, you better make sure that the thief can’t access your data. One of the best, and easiest, ways to that is my turning on your iPhone’s built-in Passcode feature. Learn more about the Passcode, including how to set one and what it controls. You can set a passcode after its stolen using Find My iPhone (more on that in a minute), but it’s better to get in the good security habit ahead of time.

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