Fitness Blogger Refuses To Shave For 1 Year To Promote Body Positivity

Her ultimate message is to “do what makes you feel good."


When fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas was eleven-years-old, she was bullied for having hairy legs. Now an adult, she still doesn’t get why society expects women to be clean-shaven 100% of the time. Like men, women grow hair. And because she believes it is unfair to pressure females into looking a certain way, she decided to grow her own hair out for one year to promote body positivity.

“I’m not trying to make all of humanity stop shaving their armpits and leg hair anymore,” said Morgan in a clip she posted to YouTube recently. “I just want to inspire others [to do] what works for you, what makes you feel the most comfortable.”

The number one reason she stopped shaving, she says, was mainly due to time. That, and to prove women don’t need to shave to be beautiful. Reportedly, her boyfriend likes her hairy or shaven and think she looks beautiful either way. Mikenas commented:

“I want everybody to not feel ashamed of themselves. I think it’s unfair that people think they have to be in this culture norm. Just do whatever makes you feel good.”

Growing one’s body hair out may not be for everyone, but we commend Morgan for standing up for what she believes in. Watch the video below:

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