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How to Fix It When You Forget Your iPhone Passcode

The iPhone's passcode feature is an important way to keep prying eyes out of your personal data. But what if you forget your iPhone...

Things To Do on Your iPhone to Stop Government Spying

In an increasingly chaotic and frightening world, more people than ever are concerned about the government surveillance. Surveillance is probably easier than ever before...

7 Tips to Improve iPhone Security

When we talk about iPhone security, we're not talking about quite the same thing as security on a desktop or laptop computer. Sure, everyone wants...

7 Ways To Protect Your Privacy On The Internet

 The Internet can be a dangerous place these days. Malicious software apps (“malware”), viruses, and phishing scams are growing in number and sophistication. Data breaches...

10 Tips To Make Your iPhone Even More Secure

How many secrets do you think your iPhone can reveal to strangers?(secure) Even when it’s in your hands, placed on the table, or being...



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