These 5 Little Features Make The Mac And iPhone Combo Hard To Beat (#5 it will be the most popular)


One of the main draws of using Apple products is how well they work with each other.

It feels seamless because everything you need is already built in; there’s no need to download or install anything.

That ecosystem is part of the reason why many iPhone users will also use a Mac computer and vice versa, as some features wouldn’t work if you mixed it up with a Windows computer or an Android phone.

In the grand scheme of things, the features themselves aren’t must-haves, as you and your devices can still function perfectly well without getting locked into the Apple ecosystem. Yet, as small as the features are, you’ll certainly notice it when you can’t use them.

Of course, Microsoft has its own ecosystem, and so does Android/Google. But if you own an Apple device and your mixing ecosystems, you’d be missing out on a handful of features that you won’t find on other ecosystems. Sure, you can find apps for Windows or Android that offer similar functionality, but they don’t work as simply or seamlessly as they do on Apple’s ecosystem.

1. AirDrop makes it easy to transfer stuff on your iPhone to your Mac.

It’s not every day I need to transfer something from my iPhone to MacBook Pro, as most of my “stuff” is on the cloud. But it has come in handy for those few times when I needed it, and it wouldn’t be as easy if I had a Windows computer.
Thanks to AirDrop, I’ve transferred photos, videos, and notes to a friend’s Mac without having to log into my cloud services, and it’s faster and easier to use, too.

The only thing you need to ensure AirDrop works is to make sure both your iPhone and Mac have Bluetooth turned on and are on the same WiFi network. Your Mac can even be connected to the internet with ethernet and WiFi off and it’ll still work.


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